The Fig Leaf Agency makes it easy for light contractors or residential contractors to compare their current insurance premiums to those of other A rated companies that have historically provided some of the best rates for contractors in New Jersey. If you have less than 10 employees and a payroll of less than $500,000 then a Special Contractor Policy may be able to offer easy, fast quote turnaround while offering substantial savings.

If you feel that your business can fit into one of the following categories then you may either fill out our online questionnaire or call to speak with one of our agents for more information at (908) 862-3447.

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating Work—repair/service no roof top installation work
  • Brick Facing and Stucco—Three stories or less; no EIFS work;
  • Carpentry—Light
  • Carpentry—No Roofing, Interior & Exterior; Three stories or less
  • Carpet/Flooring Installation—no tile
  • Carpet/Furniture/Upholstery Cleaning
  • Ceiling/Wall Panel Installation
  • Cement/Concrete Finishing
  • Concrete Construction
  • Door/Window Installation
  • Driveway/Sidewalk Construction
  • Drywall/Wallboard/Sheetrock
  • Electrical/Electricians—must be licensed
  • Electrical Appliance Installation
  • Fences
  • Gas Appliance Installation
  • Glaziers—Three stories or less
  • Gutters—Three stories or less
  • Household Furnishing Installation (NOC)
  • Interior Decorators—no show room
  • Janitorial Services
  • Light Installation work (NOC)
  • Masonry Work (NOC)—Residential and light commercial only
  • Painting with Spray Painting
  • Painting/Wallpapering—no Spray Painting; Interior; Exterior three stories or less
  • Plaster/Stucco—Three stories or less
  • Plumbing/Plumbers—must be licensed
  • Sheet Metal Work; including repair
  • Siding/Gutters—Three stories or less; no roofing
  • Tile/marble/stone terrazzo work
  • Waterproofing—application of sealers only; no French drains

(NOC): Not otherwise classified